[Saiko] Maung grilled meat course "happiness" [best]
[Saiko] Maung grilled meat course "happiness" [best]
5000 Yen

tax included

Will put all you can drink in the yen +1500! (90 minutes)


<Appetizer> Kimchi three types, appetizer three dishes

<Item> cheese shrinkage

<Salt-grilled> above Tan salt / Harami of black pepper grilled

<Red> Japanese beef on the loin / Japanese Black Calvi with Wagyu beef on the Calvi / bone

<Hormone> Tetchan / above Mino

<Vegetables> flavor salad

<Rice> (small) Pibinba / (small) cold noodles / rice ※ Please choose either.

<Dessert> Katarana